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Spider-Man Voted for the best PlayStation game of September 2018

According to PlayStation and their PS Blog readers, the exclusive title that came out during the previous month, Spider-Man, has been voted as the best PlayStation game of September 2018. It is not strange to encounter news of this caliber, as Spider-Man’s gameplay and content turned to offer more than what was expected in the first place.

The hype pre and during the release of Spider-Man, has surely justified its place. The gameplay introduced in Marvel’s Spider-Man initiated new ways of entertainment, causing players to raise their voice with a positive feedback. Insomniac Games and Marvel Games on the other side, now have something else to cheer about.

Satisfying the gamer’s needs in the right way is always anticipated with a positive feedback. More precisely, the extravaganza brought within Spider-Man already made the game to claim the top spot for the particular month, maybe even for the whole year. Honestly speaking, there was no need to create a poll for the best PlayStation game of September 2018.

The official news came on PlayStation’s official Twitter claiming the winner for September 2018. You can find the tweet below:

Congratulations to Insomniac Games for their effort on possibly the most fantastic development course, including the advertisement given during the pre-release window.



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