The Explosion of the Mysterious Cube Brings Halloween in Fortnite – Fortnitemares

Named Fortnitemares, the new Halloween theme in Fortnite has arrived. It was somewhat expected for the cube to perform its own thing, and the explosion was also expected right before Halloween. The new theme will surely celebrate its greatest Halloween moments as we’re ready and set for the upcoming surprises in Season 6.

The explosion of the Cube has been documented within a video material by Epic Games, and has caused different things across the map to spawn, including zombies.

Fortnitemaers is somewhat bringing Save the World edition of the game to their Battle Royale. Various cosmetics and item changes, including loot development have been introduced for the first time after a while now.

Tombs can be found across the whole map which frequently spawns a group of zombies. Smashers and other sorts of zombies are part of it. Smashers are there to break your buildings, and they will succeed in doing that. Especially the improved ones, which have a golden skin and simply one-shot your builds no matter the material usage. Simply said, in a tighter circle player are mostly getting overwhelmed by zombies, which push the fight to happen a lot faster than usual.

The zombies, however, drop loot when killed, which contributes to enhanced loot tables and a fairer gameplay, allowing everyone to get a fair share of the loot distributed during the beginning of the match. It’s one of the best updates Fortnite could’ve ever gotten if watching from that perspective.

Overall, the games have brought so many features which give us an opportunity to grind through and discover all of the news. Also, the BOW is back in the game and doesn’t require any ammo, instead it’s infinite., allowing players to deal with zombies a lot easier.

This update also brings a repolished in-game friends system, character customization and more. For more info in details, make sure you visit Epic Games’ official website.

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