The old school Skull Trooper Skin is back in the Fortnite Item Shop

One of the oldest skins that were released during Fortnite’s early stage, the Skull Trooper, is back again in the Item shop. However, this time, Fortnite not only brought the male version of the Skull Trooper but also added a more gentle version of the skin. Yes, a female gender of the skin is now available to buy.

Lots of players have been waiting for this to happen just because The Skull Trooper is considered to be an old-school skin that somewhat entitles player’s longevity and existence. Well, together with the female version of the skin, players may also pick between two styles of white and green coloring. They come included in the package, and players will have the opportunity to choose their favorite style before they hop into a game.

The only problem for most of the players is that the purchase is bound per gender, so if you love to buy the two versions of the skin, male and female, you will need to spend 3000 V-bucks.

The Skull Trooper was first released, pardon me if I am mistaken, but I believe during Halloween. In general, the Halloween costumes in Fortnite seem to be the most popular ones. Furthermore, recent rumors have been circling around the web that Epic Games is losing a good amount of income so their only choice is to bring back some of the very authentic skins. Even if we do know that’s not an issue for Epic Games, who knows, a truth may appear online any time soon.

However, the most important fact is that the Skull Trooper is finally back in the Shop so any fan could buy it for himself.

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