World of Warcraft Classic Tour, Youtuber Managed to Get Access a Week Earlier

A YouTuber has managed to bypass all the restrictions and get an early access to WoW Classic before everyone else. Media across the world has suggested that a demo from the game is whirling around on Discord, in which has successfully arrived in multiple channels.

As a reward, DodgyKebaab, the Youtuber who’s goal has been achieved, has recorded a video showcasing and comparing the old world and its look vs the current.

In order to do this, he had to block all the heartbeats sent to Blizzard and set a fake server. The server, however, is almost empty and most likely differs than the demo. However, he has managed to get into the game and enlighten us all with how the game’s gonna look, including graphics and in-game features such as map, quest tracker, professions menu, etc.

We’re not certain if any of the video material holds legit info. However, if it does, then we would most likely see old models, as well as old quest tracker and a bunch of old features as well, as in the early days, a rough decider of WoW Classic’s difficulty. That is most likely to bring a hard nostalgic feeling to all the WoW Classic lovers, but also a dense satisfaction.

You can watch the video below, in which the Youtuber has managed to get us on a World Tour in WoW Classic and try to bestow a glimpse of it to the public.

It is a viable option that Blizzard may include their old school client too, which will extra spice the current nostalgic feeling and make the old school players relive the moments in WoW Classic.

Are you actually excited for WoW Classic? Tell us in the comments below!

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