Xbox Boss somewhat Claims Crackdown 3 is Still Far Away From Completion

The very well known sandbox, the game that is the last survivor among the titles published by Microsoft, Crackdown 3 is still away from completion. According to the Xbox Boss, Crackdown 3 is still being in the work, despite the game’s first release date schedule changed a couple of times.

Being first set to launch in 2016, after multiple struggles and issues the game has come to a potential release date in 2019. While we still do not have any advanced knowledge on the actual release date and we’re just left lingering with the “the game is coming in 2019, February”.

Phil Spencer has stated that the game needs more work, and he has done that in a public fashion by tweeting the notice on his Twitter profile. Below you can find the tweet.

Crackdown 3 has first been developed by three different studios. However, throughout the course of development it ended up with only one studio, and that is Sumo Digital. Therefore, it is quite expected to see a delay throughout this course of development, but certainly not for the whole three years.

Crackdown is expected to be an explosive game title whenever it releases, with a whole new and redeveloped gameplay mechanics, allowing players to brag and define their own path, by playing the game as they want, not as they should.

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