Anthem Javelins can Overheat, Players Need to Sustain Their Heat Level

In the latest dev vlog, it was clearly presented that Javelins won’t be able to fly for an excessive amount of duration, but instead, players will need to cool out the engines by using different methods. If you can roll back your memories to the first Anthem video released, the Javelins were eligible to go underwater. Well, that is one of the mechanics to prevent overheating.

As the developers explained, to prevent slow falls caused by overheating or extend the flying period, you will need to either fly (glide) on top of the water, or just dive underwater so it will naturally cool the heat. Despite the variety of Javelins, they will still share the same problem, and most likely every single one of them will overheat if ridden for too long.

With that being said, Anthem will input a slightly different approach to leveling, gearing, and progress, as players won’t be able to rush through content by abusing the power of flying. The plan to slow down progress is scheduled to sustain the interest in the game, rather than just rush and complete most of it for which may lead to early loss of players.

We honestly believe that BioWare is scared to rush things and rather go slow, even with the new content upon release such as DLC or else. It will help sustain the hype and also strengthen the community.

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