Battlefield V getting an improved Real-Time Ray Tracing very soon

Nvidia and DICE have been working quite hard to enable a more beautiful environment and an exclusive tackle down on every possible Battlefield V fight, allowed thanks to the real-time Ray Tracing technology. Battlefield V is one of the first video games to support the changes and perfectly align with the release of the RTX 2080.

As stated before, the work behind the DXR tech is being postponed because of optimizations. However, each day we’re getting slightly closer to receiving the support in BFV. The revolutionary graphics cards should perfectly accompany the new technology, and make everything look more beautiful in Battlefield V.

In a recent interview to Yasin Uludag stated:

Yes! People can expect us to keep improving our ray tracing as time goes, as both we at DICE and Nvidia have a bunch of optimisations coming in from the engine side and driver side and we are far from done. We have specialists from Nvidia and DICE working on our issues as we speak. From now on, it’s only going to get better, and we have more data now too since the game released. By the time people read this, many of the improvements mentioned will already have been completed. As you mention Quake and Crysis – Working on ray tracing and being the first out with it in this way is a privilege. We feel super-lucky to be part of this transition in the industry and we will do everything we can do deliver the best experience possible. Rest assured, our passion for ray tracing is burning hot!

However, at the current point, it seems like the technology has its own issues. There should be a larger focus on the technology and code itself, so developers could further optimize it, rather than just self-proclaim it for non-working.

It will be quite interesting to see DICE and Nvidia figuring things out, as at this current moment it doesn’t feel that compelling. In a video below, you can actually compare and see for yourself, the current performance in BFV with DXR enabled.

Angel Kicevski

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