Battlefield V’s latest patch brings stable and more balanced gameplay

Battlefield 5’s gameplay stability has been on an edge during this part period. Some gameplay mechanics have been working extraordinarily, but some of them have also failed to develop the needed aim, which made the developers revamp a good chunk of the code. DICE has been introduced to all of that, and today has released a new update to fix many known bugs and issues.

On its official forums, DICE has published all of the changes. Luckily, all of the changes have been addressed only on the server side, without requiring any user actions, nor download on the client side.

One of the most important for the players, the weapon bug for which after achieving the needed weapon rank you would still be denied of getting it. Among other things, several server improvements have also been deployed, among which an enhanced auto team balanced. Thanks to that, at the start of each match both of the teams, will rather have a more balanced number of players, rather than one team having the majority.

Below you can find the full patch notes, as published on the official forums.

  • Fixed an issue where weapons would stay locked even though the rank requirement had been achieved.
  • Fixed an issue which could result in players getting disconnected when attempting to join a server.
  • Daily assignments that have been completed previously can now be completed again if the player would get it again on a separate day.
  • Improvements to the team balance at the start of rounds. Teams should no longer have a larger uneven number of players.
  • Several stability improvements for the server.

Just as a reminder, these updates also serve as preparation for the coming Tides of War chapter 1: Overture update. The next chapter will be released on December 4.

Angel Kicevski

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