Battlefield V Official Launch Maps announced

EA DICE has published the official maps of Battlefield V, coming live with the release of the WWII themed video game. Together with the already announced game modes, there will be 9 maps to play on, in which some of the undiscovered happenings back in WWII can be relived.

EA DICE has published all of the maps coming with the launch within a video material, and you can watch it below:

  1. Hamada – A territory in which armed vehicles have been dominant, so as their impact in BFV.
  2. Aerodrome – Set in Nort Africa in which the Air Field is yielding for battle.
  3. Twisted Steel – A natural shimmering eyesight followed by a brutal battle.
  4. Arras – An Open environment in which the snipers are most likely to have the upper hand.
  5. Rotterdam – The map included during the Open Beta, in which many humans lost their lives for the sake of testing the game :).
  6. Devastation
  7. Narvik – Snowy map set up in Norway, which was included in the Open Beta, vulnerable to some changes since not many were excited because of its environment.
  8.  Fjell 652 – Also set on Mountains in Norway, which probably holds the most hidden secrets prior to WW2.

“Panzerstorm” will be released after launch, inspired by the first tank battle in WW2.

As EA Dice noted. Battlefield will no longer be the same video game. The changes announced since the very first peek such as no microtransactions, no pay2win etc etc, are surely going to bring something new to the game. As such, we’re hoping that Battlefield V will also include an exceptional Battle Royale mod.

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