Battlefield V Poor Launch, Still Underperforming

It’s clear and quite visible so far. The most recent WWII setting put in a video game has been proven wrong, and it’s doing amazingly bad. Battlefield V, the only game that had the power to prove the whole world that EA is apparently a good publisher whom reasons behind future releases changed. The first step should’ve been introduced through Battlefield V, sadly, EA broke the momentum yet again.

It was only one reason that broke all the hype built throughout the past period. What else could that be if not EA Premium Access? EA did not miss the chance to earn a bit more by allowing players to jump earlier and try out the game by having EA access.

As a hardcore fan, it is quite normal to pay the price and become a premium member, so you could get a head advantage over other players. Simply because the progress is carried to when the game officially releases.

With that move, the revenue has surely grown, but not the fans at any point. Most of the gaming population do not even know that Battlefield V is out. Most of the fans were amazed by the content available on Twitch during the past week, allowed only through EA Access.

Despite the availability to preload the game, Battlefield V still misses a good amount of players. It is sad to see how the game has fallen under its shadowy grasps and sank the whole hype it had.

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Amie Gammons

A huge fan of puzzlers. Would love to experience the world and takedown on every single and upcoming game title. In the free time love to sing, follow recent game rumors and try to decrypt them in the best possible way.

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