Battlefield V will include more content as the game goes on

According to multiple media and official twitter profiles of EA’s representatives, Battlefield V will include more content than what everyone expected. What’s more exciting, BFV is the first in the franchise that will avoid microtransactions. Basically said, each earning or cosmetic shall be dependant on your game input or in-game effectiveness.

One year ago on this exact date, EA messed up big time with the release of their Star Wars: Battlefront II. That’s when EA was actually buried underground for good, and where every single fan got disappointed in any future EA plans.

Because of that, EA was simply pushed to introduce changes and bring a new system of obtaining and claiming various items, such as cosmetics, weapons, etc etc. The very same happened in BFV, in which no real money nor in-game currency is needed to obtain any of the additional items.

Now let’s get back to the point. If you look closer to recent discoveries, EA is about to extend the content in Battlefield V. Right now, we may have some War Stories and other game modes to play, but they are confirmed to be expanded and joined by others as the time goes by. And we’re not talking about the Battle Royale, as the Battle Royale mode is confirmed to come in 2019.

EA’s lead engagement designer has already stated that a new thread discovering multiple upcoming changes will take place, so we’ll see what actually the developer is planning to bring. You can find the tweet below:

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