Fallout 76 Servers Will Last “Forever”, says Pete Hines

Pete Hines, the very known and fan favorite Bethesda rep has already announced the lifetime of the Fallout 76 servers. The online multiplayer experience should be developed extraordinarily, and most likely be stable in the long run. But when the question of how long the servers are going to run, Pete Hines gave an amazing answer.

Fallout 76 servers are most likely to stay Forever, as this is the first title of the franchise to offer this kind of gameplay, a multiplayer, competitive and never-ending battle. Therefore, the developers’ aim is similar to what WoW has managed to accomplish over the years. Hopefully, Bethesda will get to the same level, and will never let Fallout 76 perish.

In a recent Gamespot Interview Pete Hines has announced the upcoming server support and expenses for it, which proves as beneficial to the players simply because of the one-time payment. Yes, there may be some DLCs coming in the near future and that is more than certain.

The main reason for this is that even with that big of a map and spectrum of mechanics to experience, the game won’t become subscription based and is likely a win for the consumers. As always, Bethesda does not have any intentions of leaving the game unless all of the players depart.

Angel Kicevski

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