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Fortnite patch 6.22 adds the long-awaited Heavy AR, AK

Epic Games has finally added a new Assault Rifle. Entitled as a Heavy AR. Clearly, the new weapon is an AK, and has a significantly slower fire rate than the already existing ARs in the game. The fire rate is somewhat similar to the silenced SCAR, however, the damage output is devastating. Thanks to patch 6.22, even more changes are brought to Fortnite, let’s talk about some of them below.

To be honest, a weapon of this caliber was needed in Fortnite. A new weapon that aligns perfectly with the already existing ones, especially with the M4 and the SCAR. The new AK is probably the most powerful AR in the game with a new devastating damage output. It may lack a decent fire rate, but the damage output surely satisfies the hunger.

The new AK is available in three variants and that is Rare Epic and Legendary. According to the notes, the Heavy AR, or the new AK deals 44/46/48 damage and has a magazine of 25 bullets.

Furthermore, Epic Games has decided to make core changes to the gameplay, and the Storm damage cap is changed from 8 to 10 damage. In other words, Limited Time Events are also taking places in this patch, Team Terror and Blitz.

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