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Fortnite: Pleasant Park gets a brand New Football Field

Fortnite patch 6.22 has made some changes around the map, and it is most likely because of the addition of the NFL skins that are coming to Fortnite. The 6.22 patch changed some areas on the map, and the most iconic in this patch is the new Football field in Pleasant Park.

Namely, Pleasant Park has been altered because of the coming NFL skins. The NFL addition was announced yesterday on EpicGames’ official website. Because of that, we’re expecting even more changes than the original ones.

The official NFL skins will be released on November 9th for the first time. That is the exact day when they’ll be available on the Item Shop. According to Epic Games, there will be different outfits, and each outfit will be swapped to any of the thirty-two NFL teams.

Now that the new football field is here, the coming of the NFL skins shall discover new challenges, achievable only on the football field.



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