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Hitman 2 Briefcase bug makes things a lot easier

Not a single video game can establish a firm release, with bug-free, exceptional gameplay. The same applies to the recently announced Hitman 2, for whom the official release date is tomorrow. With all of that being said, players already had some chance to experience the game through a promotional program, and get a head-start on things.

Multiple videos came out with the following briefcase. After the briefcase is thrown, it simply follows the destined target until it collides. Players love to preserve this bug in the game because of its humor, and it doesn’t give any special advantage over certain things.

You can find the “target-lock briefcase” in action below:

Fully Upgraded Briefcase (IO please don’t fix) from HiTMAN

Everyone expects a huge wave of videos regarding this bug. IO Interactive is probably already working on a fix since the official release is expected to devise a good impact on the consumers.



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