Pokemon Go December New Big Update and the Long Awaited PvP Mode

Update 11/30/2018: Just like we said below, and now officially confirmed, the Trainers can battle in three different leagues:

  • Great League – 1500 CP
  • Ultra League – 2500 CP
  • Master League – No CP limit

and you can choose only three Pokemon for the battle. If you want to battle in the Great league, your Pokemon must have max 1500 or less CP per Pokemon. If you want to try the Ultra League, your Pokemon must have max 2500 CP or less (per Pokemon). The Master League is without CP limit.

More info to follow. Stay tuned.

Update 11/30/2018: Trainers, the long-awaited PvP mode, or the Trainer Battles like Niantic likes to call them, is now officially confirmed and it’s coming in December. Get ready for a new experience, battle your friends and enjoy every moment of it!

Update 11/29/2018: Trainers, the launch date is yet to be officially confirmed, but rumors are coming in that PvP mode might go live on December 3, 2018, featuring secret attack move and three league modes:

  • Great League – 1500 CP
  • Ultra League – 2500 CP
  • Master League – No Limit.

Only Ultra/Best friends will be able to play the new PvP mode.

Now, the league part and the Ultra/Best friends part is yet to be confirmed.

Previous Story 11/20/2018: Trainers, the only difference between Pokemon Go and other Pokemon titles is the PvP mode. This particular system can be found in all other Pokemon titles, except Pokemon Go, but all of this will be history once Niantic releases a new big update in December and brings the long-awaited PvP mode to Pokemon Go.

On August the 5th, Niantic’s Head of Product Marketing in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Anne Beuttenmuller, confirmed that Niantic is working on a new PvP mode (that will launch at the end of 2018), and a new Pokemon (Meltan, which is already released).

This was confirmed by Anne Beuttenmuller in July 2018, in an interview with in Poland, where she attended an Ingress event called Cassandra Prime Anomaly.

When she got asked about the plans Niantic has for Pokemon Go in the future, she said:

Now we’re working on PvP mode, which will appear soon. In addition, we’re still working on improving the “Friends” feature and we’ve just introduced the new ‘add a note’ to your friend. Players can have a lot of people on their friend’s list, so adding a note will help them remember who he/she is. We are constantly working on improving the game and the next big thing that we want to add to Pokemon Go is PvP mode. We are working on it, and we expect to launch it at the end of 2018.”

Part of her statement is already done, which is the release of the new Mythical Pokemon, Meltan. This Pokemon can be obtained through Pokemon GO, but only if the players have both Pokemon Go and Let’s Go titles. All that needs to be done is to transfer a Pokemon from the mobile game to the Let’s Go titles. After this is done, the player will get a Mystery Box that contains Meltan. If you choose to evolve Meltan into Melmetal, you will need 400 candies. In addition, Meltan is now obtainable via Special Research and here you can find the complete list of all quests and rewards.

PvP battles have been one of the most requested things in the game since the release back in 2016. We do have the Raid system and the Gym battles and the only thing missing is the traditional turn-based combat in the game. Who would like to witness a Murkrow vs Pidgeot battle? I know I would!

There is no specific release date, but we expect to see a new, big update prior to Christmas which will bring the long-awaited PvP mode.

Bear in mind that this is yet to be officially confirmed. Come back to check for more details in the following weeks.

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  1. We need PvP! I know that we’re going to face a lot of updates, bug fixes etc, but this would definitely change the pace of the game

  2. I don’t know how to feel about this. They still need to fix a lot of things. Like giving them Red Warnings by mistake!

  3. How poorly researched was this article that you’re still claiming Meltan can only be obtained if you own both titles. The Special Resarch Quest has been out for several days. This article was published today. Lazy, lazy lazy.

    1. I’m not sure if you have read the article, but it looks like you haven’t. So let me help you – check out the 6th paragraph, it clearly says “In addition, Meltan is now obtainable via Special Research and here you can find the complete list of all quests and rewards.” If you need any further guidance, please let me know. Thanks!

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