May the preload begin, Battlefield V is available to download

The hype is still building as all the fans across the world are receiving new messages regarding the preload of Battlefield V. Yes, Electronic Arts has expressed their stance, and Battlefield V is currently available to preload, at least on the PC platform.

One thing remains sad however, is that after the launch, Battlefield V won’t include a Battle Royale game mode. Considering that the Battle Royale genre is the most popular nowadays, we may agree that is somewhat a big loss for EA.

There are some speculations whirling around the internet as always, and that is that the Firestorm (Battle Royale mode) may come for free, and that is the only reason why the developer is postponing it.

Battlefield V is available to download through the Origin APP. If you’re PC player then you would just need to head to My Game Library tab and download Battlefield V. Keep in mind in order to achieve this you need to have a pre-purchased version of Battlefield V for PC.

Battlefield V launches on November 20 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox One.

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