Resident Evil 2 Remake First Demo to be available in December

2 months away from the release of Resident Evil 2 remake, and we may have something good upon us. The horrifying and cruel world of Resident Evil 2, the one I used to enjoy playing back in the days, but a remake, may be coming in a Demo version very soon.

While this is considered to be a rumor that’s tending on the internet regarding the gaming industry, it is also considered to be somewhat true, since a couple of Capcom reps have already given a couple of hints.

Recently, DSOgaming has also reported that a demo may be on the verge of coming, including a couple of images leaked from a tweet that has been removed. Even though Capcom hasn’t officially confirmed anything in this regard, rest assured, the game is set to release in two months from now.

Below you can find a couple of already existing material on Resident Evil 2 remake, including a bit of a leaked gameplay and more.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Shares 4 and a Half Minutes of Gameplay

Now that we have all of that confirmed including the PC System requirements, we’re more than certain that Capcom will release a demo, despite the fact the exact date is still unknown.

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