Titanfall 3 with a potential release in Spring 2019

Respawn has officially announced that it’s working on three coming games, in which they are most likely to be released in 2019. One of them is Titanfall 3, for which many players believe it will be a new generation of the already engraved past series and will include something that was missed before.

The developer is still committed to the Titanfall franchise. Therefore, many fans are already predicting the release date and guessing what would be the best date to release for a game of this caliber. With that being said, Spring 2019 will most likely be the designated period for releasing Titanfall 3, again, if any of the assumptions are correct.

Campaign wise, Titanfall 2 had an amazing story and it was both refreshing and enjoying to play. To be honest, it looked a bit scripted with all the level-appropriate Titans you’d get. Another theory is that Titanfall 3, unlike its previous series will include an Open-World, in which players may endure both PVP and PVE encounters despite the dedicated multiplayer mode.

Overall, Titanfall really do deserve a lot bigger attention in the gaming industry. We know that Titanfall 3 may not have the best publisher out there, due to some mistakes did in the past with microtransactions, but its story and mechanics do deserve a place among the most interesting multiplayer video games out there.

Stay tuned for more info, as we’re trying to decrypt lots of fresh info regarding the same question.

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