Arma 3’s update 1.86 finally adds the new Warlords multiplayer mode

Arma 3’s latest update brings new gameplay content. Within this new update, the developers have added the announced Warlords multiplayer game mode, allowing players to step on a slightly different mission. This game mode also enlarges the modded content in Arma 3 and may become interesting content to modify.

The most important changes in update 1.86 can be found below:

  • Added: Warlords multiplayer game mode with 7 vanilla multiplayer missions and with Eden Editor modules for easy creation of custom scenarios*
  • SC 32 Warlords (Whole Island) on Altis*
  • SC 16 Warlords (Central) on Altis*
  • SC 16 Warlords (Pyrgos Gulf) on Altis*
  • SC 16 Warlords on Stratis*
  • SC 16 Warlords (West) on Tanoa**
  • SC 16 Warlords (South) on Tanoa**
  • SC 16 Warlords on Malden*
  • Added: ADR-97 Weapon Pack (former Official Mod) has been improved and integrated into the vanilla game*
  • Added: Improved multiplayer security***
  • Free bonus content for all Arma 3 players.
  • ** Free bonus content for all Arma 3 Apex expansion owners.
  • *** May affect loading times when the game or certain mods are run for the first time after installing the update.

Furthermore, Update 1.86 also improves multiplayer stability and performance. The king of military sims strikes again with this huge change, that will surely induce a bit of pain to all the modders while everything’s sorted out. For now, we can dwell into Warlords and enjoy the new and refreshing gameplay.

Below you can find a brief look at the new gameplay mode, Warlords.

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