Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture is now ready to download, adds new map, practice range and more

According to the Battlefield V’s developers, Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture is now finally available. It came as a lightning when the developers decided the update is good to go and released it instantly. The update should be available on all the platforms at this current time.

When we talked about the update before a couple of days, we were told that the new update will include a map, practice range, and a new war story expanding the current one. Called The Last Tiger, the new War Story will also envelop and brand new map, Panzerstorm.

According to Jaqub Ajmal update notice:

The Rhine-Ruhr region, Spring 1945. The vast Twelfth US Army Group presses the borders of Germany. German lines are in disarray; units are broken, separated, and poorly supplied. In this setting, you’ll join the German crew of Tiger number 237 – “Stefan” – as it operates a near-indestructible Tiger I tank in an unwinnable battle on the borders of their fatherland. As with our other War Stories, this one is presented in its native language of the crew – German.

Panzerstorm is set in an open environment, mostly dedicated to a vehicular combat of armed vehicles, however, as in many other maps infantry will also have the chance to dwell in.

However, one of the most exciting features in this update is the Practice Range, which will allow players to practice Bullet Drop, Velocity, and have a pinch of all the ballistics in the game. With that being said, EA DICE is moving forward with its development, hoping that BFV will achieve the same taste as previous BF titles.

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