DayZ is making a return to the Survival Genre

It may have been a pesky move by the developers to increase the price, but one thing’s sure, DayZ is getting really close to completion. According to recent mechanics, base building, and much more stuff we’ve had fun with in DayZ, it is clear to state that the developers care for their product.

Each day since the official launch, DayZ has successfully received much love by the fans. According to Steam Stats, The game’s concurrent player peak has been over 15k, which is somewhat putting DayZ on the same track as before.

What differs at Bohemia Interactive is that they really do like to enhance each one of their products. Presumably, they will continue their future projects, such as Arma 4 on this very same engine as DayZ.

It is quite common to agree to the current and completely outstanding performance the game offers. Not every survival video game offers a unique gameplay experience at 100+ fps at any given time or situation.

It is probably the most important individual preference that’s worth in DayZ, and probably the indicator the game is heading back to its root’s success.

After quite a lot of criticism after the finish of the free weekend and the lack of servers, the developers have added a couple more servers that are unconnected to those that are experimental.

Other than that, the community servers are also good to try. There are plenty of them and each of them offers a different experience since they’re simply modded. Therefore, choosing your most designated server can be quite easy, if you only try.

With all of that being said, it is safe to originate the stance of the current progress the game has. It is definitely getting stronger, and despite the price increment to 40 EUR, it is still a product worth buying.

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