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EFT 0.11 is available to download, brings a new map, enhanced AI and more

Battlestate Games has finally published the latest announced update for Escape From Tarkov. Entitled as 0.11 the new update brings a brand new map, new sort of AI and more.

There are new types of Scavs named Raiders. They are special kind of PVE Scavs. According to BSG, players won’t be able to play as Raiders but will definitely experience a lot of difficulties against them.

The Raiders are one of the types of AIs that are looking through buildings and objects, and performing a takedown on the same will be quite hard. Speaking of which, a brand new Scav Boss Killa is being added on Interchange.

Furthermore, Customs is being expanded and there are 21 new quests added to the game, together with some brand new Weapons, gadgets, items and keys that are about to sell for millions on the flea market, at least during early expansion.

Overall, Escape From Tarkov has evolved quite a bit over the past, and with the release of this update Battlestate Games is heading closer to a potentially full release of the game.

Just as a reminder, the Escape From Tarkov 0.11 patch does not bring an account wipe at all. You can find the preliminary 0.11 patch notes below:



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