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Epic Games stagnates the development of Unreal Tournament

As usual, Epic Games’ current success is based on a game different than Unreal Tournament, and we all know who that is. Fortnite’s latest sensation has clearly shown theĀ right path toe Epic Games, the developers of the Unreal Engine. Therefore, it was somewhat expected for Epic Games to stop developing Unreal Tournament.

Fortnite’s Battle Royale and Save the World have been a lot more successful than Unreal Tournament has been in years. It opens multiple windows of monetization, allowing them to bolster the revenue to a next level.

This statement has come by Tim Sweeney, which actually confirms the move by Epic Games of stagnating any further development on Unreal Tournament. Even if the game is scheduled to continue functioning and the servers to be online, no complex development update will come through.

Just as a reminder, Epic Games is just before the release of its seventh successful season in Fortnite which is another reason that Unreal Tournament developers or freelancers to keep a higher amount of the revenue if sold on the UT market. This clearly states the development and passion behind Epic Games and as acclaimed, they’re willing to help newcomers achieve more.

Even if periodical, it is still time to say farewell to Unreal Tournament, until its development comes back to life.



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