Mortal Royale releases today, brings a fresh Battle Royale experience

The freshly new Battle Royale experience that includes players on a HUGE SCALE comes out today. The medieval combat setting is just among the factors of the game that are there to allow this high number of players in one session. Having the ability to put 1000 people on a same server is quite huge.

The best part in this release is that Mortal Royale will come out for free. No player will ever need to pay for the game but only have a vital Steam account (something you can get quite easily).

Mortal Royale features a massive battle supporting up to 1000 players. There are different types found within the combat mechanics, such as Melee, Archery, and Magic. Among all of those, there is also a mounted combat allowing you to ride the way to victory.

As the developers noted, Mortal Royale will include a proper armor mitigation and hitboxes that will allow players to take advantage of.

The game has also stated it will include multiple types of weapons, that will differ and add up to the slight difference than other video games, especialyl in the BR Genre.

Star Vault AB is obviously planning on bringing a mayhem to the BR genre with the massive scale in battle, and presentation to various of mechanics and weapons found in a vast 64 square kilometers map.

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