New Anthem trailer is about to appear at this year’s TGA

And yet again, The Game Awards are ready to strike with the freshest content when it comes to Anthem. The new RPG title that’s supposed to shake the whole world, despite the fact that is coming from the already hated triple-A publisher, EA.

With all that being said, EA and Bioware are about to develop the unexpected by posting yet a new trailer that will discover a lot of Anthem’s gameplay. While most of the players believe EA is about to perish from its existence, this new discovery within a video material at TGA may be a game changer.

Bioware stated before that they will be present at this year’s TGA, which made lots of fans ask what game are they going to attend with. Geoff Keighley has discovered a glimpse of what’s about to happen regarding EA’s presentations.

According to Geoff Keighley, Anthem’s new trailer will discover detailed story and rewards. Within a video material, Geoff Keighley has come out pretty straightforward, discovering the intentions of BioWare. He also stated that the trailer is really good.

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