Niantic to Make Pokemon Go AR Experience Even Better with 5G Network

Super-fast mobile streaming is just around the corner, as network providers are almost ready to launch the 5G network in early 2019. This network is said to bring broadband-equivalent download speeds over mobile networks.

One of the software development companies, Niantic, is already gearing up for 2019 and for the Pokemon Go AR 5G experience.

To make it clear for everyone, the 5G network will be able to handle more data and connect more devices simultaneously, which is great for Pokemon Go and the upcoming PvP mode – meaning playing PvP in AR would be awesome! Plus, you can stream a 4K video from your mobile, and not having a problem at all.

Niantic has already made a partnership with some mobile companies and they gave a full support for GSMA’s AR/VR forum. They are now partners with Deutsche Telekom and their MobileX Edge Serves and the 5G Network.

They are planning to accelerate the delivery and deployment of a uniform API for 5G cloud-based AR services, including mobile edge computing (MEC). Both sides want to give a better AR experience to the players and take an advantage of 5G’s ultra-low latency (1 millisecond in 5G vs. 50 milliseconds in 4G) and increased throughput (up to 50 Gigabyte/sec in 5G vs. 20 Megabits/sec avg in 4G). To make this clear, 5G will be 1,000 times faster than 4G.

Niantic’s Co-Founder and CTO – Phil Keslin, and Niantic’s Head of AR Platform – Diana Hu, shared more details in a short video, so you might want to check it below.

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