Spanish Pokemon Go Twitter Teases New Sinnoh Pokemon

Trainers, Christmas is right around the corner and it looks like Niantic is ready to launch a new Holiday event featuring new Gen 4 Pokemon and Delibird. We also expect to see new Special Boxes sale (rumor – Sinnoh Stone as a new item to purchase) and new bonuses.

The official Spanish Pokemon Go Twitter account teased a new Gen 4 wave, saying “Something tells us that more Gen 4 Pokemon are coming soon.” Check out the tweet below.

Pokemon Go’s dataminer Chrales found four new assets of Gen 4 Pokemon + their shiny forms in the GM file (on December 6, 2018):

  • Bonsly – Rock Type Pokemon that requires 50 Candy to evolve into Sudowoodo
  • Croagunk – Poison/Fighting Type Pokemon that requires 50 Candy to evolve into Toxicroak
  • Tangrowth – Grass Type Pokemon that evolves from Tangela using 50 Candy – Tangela requires Ancient Power to evolve into Tangrowth (Move-Based evolution)
  • Yanmega – Bug/Flying Type Pokemon that evolves from Yanma using 50 Candy – Yanma requires Ancient Power to evolve into Yanmega (Move-Based evolution)

However, Chrales’ findings don’t confirm that these specific Pokemon will join us soon, but we know that Delibird is coming back for the holidays!

This was confirmed by the latest Pokemon Go newsletter (see image below).

The is still no release date for the Christmas event, but we expect to see an official announcement soon. Until then stay with us and get the latest Pokemon Go news.

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