Pokemon Go Trainer Battles are Faster with iPhone

Now when the PvP Trainer Battles feature is live in Pokemon Go, everyone boasts about how they ‘destroyed’ their friends in Great or Ultra League, how the other person needs to step their game up and learn how to tap.

That’s all great and the true Pokemon Trainers must win in every battle, but what if I tell you that no matter how good of a player you’re and if you operate a mobile device other than iPhone you’re pretty much slower than a Slowpoke.

My friend and I (me using Samsung and him using iPhone device) tried the PvP Trainer Battles feature a few days ago for the first time, but we didn’t think of recording it and seeing whose system is faster.

A Pokemon Go player who goes by the alias stickintotheg was smarter than us and recorded a battle between him and his friend (one using iPhone and the other using Samsung Note9) and posted it on TSR. On the video below you can clearly see that the game on iPhone is running faster than on the Note9. Now, many mobile players don’t want to admit that games are running faster on their Android device, but after watching this, many of them would change their mind. Now I know why players on Android are loosing most of the time.

Iphone is 2x faster then Note9 for pvp in pokemon go. from r/TheSilphRoad

Should two good phones see such a difference? Let us know what do you think in the comments below.

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