Pokemon Go What is the New Second Charged Attack, How it Works and How Much Stardust and Candy it Costs to Unlock it

If you got a brand new updated Pokemon GO, you can notice the new buttons. One of them is “New Attack”. We will try to explain below how this new feature works, what it does and how much Stardust and Candy it costs to unlock the second Charged Move.

When you use this new feature, it will add a second Charge Attack to the Pokemon you are using it on. Of course, there are Stardust and Candy costs, but you can add a second Charge Attack on your favorite Pokemon.

The Charge Attack is totally random, just like when you evolve a Pokemon. It can get all possible charge attacks, but it will not duplicate the one the Pokemon in concern has.

It is said that Charge Attacks are the best in the game, which deals the most damage to the opponent. We are currently figuring out which Pokemon needs the help of a second Charge Attack. For sure your strongest Pokemon can benefit from it, but the Stardust and Candy costs will be insanely high, so it is better to power up another from the same type.

All of the Pokemon take a different amount of Stardust and Candies to unlock this feature. To calculate how much Stardust and Candy you will need to unlock the power up, you need to put the Pokemon you want to power up, as a buddy, and see how many km you need to walk to get one candy.

Below you can see the chart to calculate easier:

  • 1km – 10k Stardust/ 25 candies
  • 3km – 50k Stardust/ 50 candies
  • 5km – 75k Stardust/ 75 candies
  • 20km – 100k Stardust/ 100 candies

Now you’re all set, so good luck and let’s beat ’em all!

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