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THQ Nordic Buys Carmageddon, an old IP to grow stronger?

THQ Nordic has acquired Carmageddon, the vehicular combat video game, first released on PC in 1997. This acquisition of Carmageddon has some good intentions behind it. The previous publisher before the acquisition was Stainless Games.

According to THQ Nordic’s official website:

The acquisition itself is being handled by THQ Nordic AB, based in Karlstad, Sweden, and daily operations (sales and distribution, evaluation of sequels & new content etc.) will be done via THQ Nordic GmbH in Vienna, Austria and/or www.handy-games.com GmbH in Giebelstadt, Germany, respectively.

In the later years, Carmageddon was ported on other platforms to indulge a broader spectrum of players. After this acquisition, THQ Nordic puts itself on a bigger spot, owning decent franchises like Dead Island and Metro.



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