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Titanfall 3 in the works, how does that sound?

The Titanfall franchise has been discontinued for a while now. However, there have been some new job listings appearing at Respawn, and most likely to firm up their Titanfall project lineup.

Not only the company is seeking for developers and is our only lead to the very particular above written title, but also PCGamer has exposed the possibility of yet another Titanfall game.

EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson has revealed that Respawn is back and working on two games at that very moment. It is known that one of them is Star Wars shooter, and the other one to be Titanfall 3.

The job listing correlates just fine with all of the job listings posted in the past at Respawn. Not only that but also, on EA’s official website, there have been multiple jobs related to Titanfall as well.

The latest hint and pinch of the coming Titanfall series is connected to yet another job listing done on December 15, which seeks for a Senior Technical Animator, that will spend his work time on the Titanfall series.

With that being said, we’re more than sure that the Titanfall 3 is in the works.



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