Why is Anthem different than Destiny 2 and The Division?

Even if the developers wants us to know the difference between the very best action RPG game titles out there, we’re more than certain we could do the judging by ourselves.

Two months before release, BioWare tend to encourage the players that their setting in Anthem is much different from the get-go. One of the most important parts, however, is the curiosity of players over the game’s versatility whenever it comes out.

We had the same walk with Destiny 2 and The Division, in which at the end, the consumer was disappointed rather than positively surprised. The promised high-level content promised in each of the two found to be quite inadequate.

Therefore, we’re still here to give you the same awareness regarding pre-orders. These are not supposed to be pre-order titles and shouldn’t be entitled as triple-A products at all.

Most of the time we’ve been seeing them fail, which gives us no reason to sit back and wait for the final product, see at least a bit of it, and then evolve into a buyer and consumer.

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