AC Odyssey January Update will bring fresh entertainment

AC Odyssey has maybe become boring over the timeline, and gave no reason to anyone to even think of coming back to the game. Well, supposedly there’s an end to that, since Ubisoft released a new January update that includes both the paid and free DLC, new enemies and more.

One of them is the Heritage DLC episode whom job is to bring refreshment in the game. It will also require players to have at least level 28. Without it, they won’t be able to dwell in the fun.

Together with it, the greek DLC will also take place on January 15, which will be for free. The free DLC will also introduce a brand new weapon system. The new weapon system scaling will contribute to much commodate gameplay, allowing players to choose their desired difficulty.

They will divide on Heavy (enemies according player level), Normal (No change but a dedicated difficulty), Light (enemies are with 2 levels less than player), Very Light (enemies are with 4 levels less than player).

Also, the Nightmare Difficulty is here to spice things up, as according to the official update list confirms to be quite hard.

Other than that, the update will also receive new enemies and bosses.

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