Anthem VIP Demo servers already reached max capacity

It is not a joke at all. We do believe it’s a serious issue and the Anthem VIP Demo servers got overflooded by the excessive amount of players and the act of joining at the same time.

Already 10 minutes in the game we’re receiving the following message:

We’re sorry, but the EA servers reached max capacity. Please try again later.


ANTHEM EA Servers at max capacity!

This occasion is being used to create this article and let everyone know what exactly is going on. It’s not just you, but all of the live streamers on Twitch are having the same problem.

Therefore, do not despair, we’re certain this issue is being worked on, and the servers will become available sooner than later. All of the notorious and Twitter accounts in property of EA are being silent over this issue. I guess we’re just left to wait.


It seems like both the US and EU servers are up and running. After some time of playing, multiple players are stuck at loading screen which somewhat indicates to yet another server crash.

We also have the first response by the devs, claiming that they’re working on adding more servers so they could eliminate the issue:
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  1. 1 minute in to the demo launch the servers were at max capacity. generic error message is generic. something else is going on such as the servers are not actually live yet or the servers are being hammered so hard by people trying to log in its crashing them.

  2. Waited all this time. Took off from work and then can’t even get on the server!!! This is not a good way for EA to start Anthem out with their customer base. This really sucks!!!

  3. Its Diablo 3’s error 37 all over again, only that was at launch not the demo. they should’ve prepped their server based off the sales numbers.

    1. Yeah, people paid for a product and expect it to work. Other games have millions of players just fine, and with EA’s resources, it shouldn’t be a problem.

    2. What do you expect, human nature. Server might be at max for real. A lot of people want to test out this game before it ‘s launch date. Which I can understand.But these comment show how petty some people are. Even taking off work to play a demo seems kind of remedial.

  4. yeah the update about the us servers being working isn’t true, still getting “servers are at max capacity”

    update: no longer getting the full server message but the game has crashed twice on the loading screen after picking the pilot voice and now just sits showing the title page and doesn’t have the pop-up for the settings

  5. Sounds like im getting my money back. If this is any sign of what is to come, ill wait till 6 months after release to buy the game when its less crowded or less bullshit

    1. well at this point i can get passed the servers at max crap but now, after crashing twice, the game doesn’t even load, just sits showing the game title screen after connecting to the servers

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