A couple of reasons why The Division 2 is somewhat safe to pre-order

Not only that pre-orders will get access to the closed beta, but they will also receive a humble gift. But, forget all about this matter, and let’s jump to the reasons and conclusion why The Division 2 is somewhat safe to pre-order. Real word, we have tons of reasons why to pre-order.

Many people would say, hey, Massive failed with The Division, why should we believe that The Division 2 will be a good title to play, or have more fun than its predecessor? Well, as we have said before, there are multiple notes to take advantage of, and some of them are coming from the updates done in The Division.

History and changes

If you’ve been monitoring Massive’s work during the course of The Division 1, each consecutive update was a masterpiece and actual game patch, adding a variety of content and fixing whatever had been messed up. It is easy to even link this article to the very first done about The Division 2 on this website, and that is the necessity for Ubisoft to publish the game, which created pressure over Massive so their whole product was far from fully polished at the time being.

Being left without a choice, the game went live in the most ridiculous stance it could have ever been, ramming itself to the very bottom on the charts. The feedback was just a portion of the cruelty, leading the product to oblivion. It was a rough time for Massive and The Division players in general.

One day, when most of the players (agents) decided to get off the division, Massive landed some clutch changes developed in update 1.4. I personally remember that update as a jump off point towards good. Then, the 1.8 and the loadouts update, which I cannot forget at all, considering the massive changes towards a better tomorrow. At this point, the updates were equal to “a fully polished product”, which was too little too late.

Even if the loadouts update was the content I had thrown my last strength in, Massive continued their work on the game and developed more updates, that allegedly have all been on point, such as 1.8.1, 1.8.2 and 1.8.3.


Considered all of the above-written, there’s not a single spot where The Division 2 could eventually fail. It cannot get worse than what Massive had in its past, not even a tiny bit. We are considering The Division 2 to be a fully polished product since the beginning, despite a minority of glitches being found in the game (which is something not a single game has, innit? ha – ha – ha). Cut the c***, each game has them and there’s no glitch-free title released so far.


We do remember all of the glitches found in The Division and their annoyance for some of the honest and joy-seeking consumers. Just to remind you, Massive was seeking for programmers to strengthen their Snowdrop engine, which will potentially lead to glitch extermination.


Watching all of the released teasers and content about The Division 2, it is also safe to say that it will offer a satisfying playtime, taken into consideration PVE, and the changes introduced to the PVP environment.

Story mode

It is believed that The Division 2 will include 40 hours of story mode, which is considered to be more than a decent amount of gameplay, considering the fact that Raids will be also introduced as a high-end content in The Division series for the very first time.

Year 1 free content

Probably the most notable change coming in The Division 2. The first year content including any other subsequent DLCs will be for free, including the majority of in-game content such as cosmetics, obtainable only for in-game currency.

I believe there is even more to be pointed out on why The Division 2 won’t fail. However, I tried to give you a couple of comparisons between then and now. Hopefully, The Division 2 era will introduce something never seen before, together with its allegedly best PVP concept ever.

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