Crytek and Improbable will develop a new triple-A game in CRYENGINE and SpatialOS

It was announced that Crytek and and Improbable will commit to open platforms, emerging a brand new AAA collaboration. Therefore, a new triple-A game may be in development, built in CRYENGINE and SpatialOS.

The partnership has been announced on the official CRYENGINE website 5 hours ago.

Teaming up both with Improbably and Epic Games will surely give everyone a fresher and clearer ideas on the development of any games in the future, giving them reach to the most advanced technology.

This partnership is of a vital choice for the coming 1000 player Battle Royale game, Mavericks: Proving Grounds which at first, it was promised to be developed in SpatialOS.

We’re proud to partner with Improbable, but we want it to be the start of something bigger. We want to work with other technologists, tool makers, and developer services to create a best-in-class and ever-improving experience. If you share our vision, please reach out to us, so we can build a better age of online games and virtual worlds together.

We’re doing this for one reason: we love games and game development. We’re excited about the possibilities for developers offered by SpatialOS and its next-generation multiplayer gameplay. And, with that in mind, we’re excited to announce that Improbable and Crytek will be working together on a new AAA game together, built using CRYENGINE and SpatialOS. We’ll be giving more detail on this AAA game project soon – stay tuned!

If you are a video game developer and you have a submission to make, you can mail us at

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