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Hideo Kojima says Death Stranding will take some time

It is still early to take into consideration the possible release of Death Stranding and its occurrence throughout the course of 2019. Apparently, without further predictions by the fans, Hideo Kojima has proven the game is still under development and as so, will continue to be for a longer period of time.

This confirmation appeared on Hideo Kojima’s official Twitter Profile, stating:

It’ll take a while, but meanwhile I hope everyone enjoys the film.

…and it is quite reasonable Death Stranding to miss a release during 2019.

This completely aligns with the recent discovery claimed by Conan O’Brien, stating Death Stranding is far from release, and it’s a top secret.

Does this mean that 2020 is the year of Death Stranding? Possibly so, as other media are tending to either talk truth or just rumor for the sake of reading that Death Stranding is coming out in 2020.

While we’re left with no firm evidence, it is quite common to stay out of the prediction window and go with whatever’s found on the official channels connected to Death Stranding.

Nevertheless, Kojima is a mastermind when it comes to social channels. His work is not based on a piece of code, and his social side is quite a remarkable asset to the whole story.



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