No joke, Farming Simulator is getting its own esports league

It is always fun to anticipate this kind of announcements, turning them into reality and giving a chance to other types of players to join the esports scene. Farming Simulator is joining esports, and Giants Software is proud of the launch.

While many of the gaming population believe that these kinds of games are inappropriate to join the Esports scene, let us just remind you that various of tournaments had already been done throughout 2018, hosted by small and unknown hosts.

PCGamer has also confirmed that Farming Simulator organized tournaments in Germany, Poland, and Switzerland during 2018, which gives a reason for the developers to invest into creating a competitive professional league.

The new Farming Simulator League will feature a 3v3 mode brawling for who’s the best on the farming field. As Giants claimed, the league is not formed just for the time being, but for the greater future of it as well.

While Competitive Virtual Farming hasn’t been that big of a deal in the previous years, the year of 2019 will surely hold up to 10 tournaments across Europe, offering around $280,000 in prize money. All of that hosted by the game developer, Giant Software.

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