Nvidia RTX 2060 on Shelf starting January 15

The new GPU that was able to run the whole presentation of Nvidia at CES 2019, the RTX 2060, is yet another GPU from the RTX family ready to set new heights in modern gaming. Games nowadays seek for exclusive hardware, and gamers need more performance than ever.

Even if the reality shows that the RTX 2080 TI has a lot better performance, which is just the way it’s supposed to be, the addition of the RTX 2060 is here to help the low budget consumers that want to get on the same road with the new game releases.

With a price of 349 USD, the RTX 2060 is here to outperform all its previous generations of Nvidia GPUs with such a low budget. The way to next-generation gaming is close and cheaper than you think, thanks to this move by Nvidia, first presented at CES 2019.

With that being said, Nvidia has opened its doors to the wide population of gamers, allowing them to make another step in the future. According to Nvidia’s CEO, the RTX 2060 was running the whole presentation at CES 2019, which firmly proved the capability of running various of scenes with Ray Tracing ON, reinforcing its performance even higher thanks to the DLSS technology.

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