Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon Palkia is the New Raid Boss, List of Top Raid Counters

Trainers, the Legendary Water/Dragon Type Pokemon Palkia is the new Raid Boss in Pokemon Go and players around the globe will have a full month to battle and catch this Legendary Raid Boss.

The Legendary Pokemon Palkia will start to spawn from January 29 at 1:00 PM PST and will leave on February 28 at 1:00 PM PST.

Palkia is worse than Kyogre when it comes down to its Water type and it doesn’t really bring anything to the table if you’re already set on Dragon Type Pokemon. However, if you don’t have a full Dragon team, then Palkia is a great addition.

Palkia got two fast moves and three charge moves:

  • Dragon Breath – Dragon – FM
  • Dragon Tail – Dragon – FM
  • Fire Blast – Fire – CM
  • Draco Meteor – Dragon – CM
  • Hydro Pump – Water – CM

We expect to see its shiny form, and here is how it looks:

Palkia Top Raid Counters

  • Rayquaza with Dragon Tail/Outrage
  • Dragonite with Dragon Tail/Outrage-Draco Meteor
  • Palkia with Dragon Tail/Draco Meteor
  • Salamance with Dragon Tail/Draco Meteor
  • Latios – Dragon Breath/Dragon Claw
  • Latias – Dragon Breath/Outrage

Good luck Trainers!

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