The Division 2 already on the first page of Epic Games’ Store

Most of the gamers and fans of The Division series were hyped because of the new type of approach by Ubisoft and Massive. Basically said, Massive and Ubisoft desired a clear two-sided communication so they could build their product upon user feedback. More importantly, their aim for improvement is based on the PC user feedback as they have reported in their most recent TD2 video.

If you remember, we have already expressed our opinion on what’s about to happen and for whatever reason is Ubisoft swapping Steam for Epic Games. Well, not only that Epic Games has the most popular game nowadays, Fortnite, but also has the upper hand with its revenue policy.

Starting on December 4th, Epic Games announced that it’s opening the Store for other developing companies and will serve as a Digital Reseller. That was the turning point of becoming a serious competitor to Steam. When it comes to a revenue policy, it definitely shatters Steam’s 70/30 revenue split by their amazing 88% of the revenue share.

The popularity of Fortnite is guilty for bringing a huge amount of traffic on the Epic Games Store, considering its success. Another reason despite the good revenue policy why people should hook on Epic Games store. It is likely to see The Division 2 being the kickoff for future sales and participants of the very same Digital Reseller network.

Today, The Division 2 is already featured on the first page of Epic Games store, with a chance to pre-order. You can see the pic below:

With that being said, the Epic Games Store is considerably seen as a rising competitor in the eyes of other Digital Resellers, among which Steam is considered to be the most popular.

The Division 2 will offer two clients. Uplay, the launcher in property of Ubisoft, and the Epic Games Store. It is uncertain whether or not The Division 2 will be included in Steam. For now, that rule is out, as we do not know anything related to it.

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