The Division 2 Dark Zone Chests can be lock picked

Even though in the original game, The Division, picking locks wasn’t introduced as a feature in any other case. For instance, if you would be running in the Dark Zone, you need appropriate keys to open Dark Zone chests, found in various places in the PVP environment.

Today, on the official The Division Twitch Channel, we were deeply introduced to the changes coming in The Division 2, especially around the PVP segment. While watching it, we’ve noticed a player lock picking one of the Dark Zone chests. See pic below:

It is clearly visible that the playing character doesn’t possess a single Dark Zone key, but was still able to breach through its lock.

We have been witnessing multiple discoveries, and today’s live stream surely proved the game is moving towards the right place, especially in its PVP environment. Being focused only on PVP, we believe that the developers will schedule a brand new live stream covering the PVE environment as well.

In general, The Division 2 encourages and installs the same level of desire in a player, and the tweaks done in its Dark Zones will embrace the players to be a part of this game’s PVP area.

You can find the full dev live stream below:

Watch Special Report – Dark Zones and PVP from TheDivisionGame on

Angel Kicevski

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