The Division 2 Private Beta is coming on February 7

A piece of Ubisoft’s finest, The Division 2, will receive a Private Open Beta very soon. Similar to other promotions, secure access to The Division 2 Private Beta will be available only with a preorder. The first private beta starts on February 7, ends on February 10.

A series of tweets posted on The Division 2’s official Twitter have led to this moment, the discovery of the Private Beta, as well as the first Story Trailer.

You can also watch the Story Trailer below:

The Division 2 first story Trailer

It was about time to receive something like this by Ubisoft. The upcoming private beta is expected to induce new boundaries in the RPG genre, and the full release of TD 2 to completely bolster the numbers even higher.

If you remember closely, the signups for the OPEN BETA, which is about to come at a later stage were sky high. The signup event was also considered as the most popular event in Ubisoft’s history.

Does that mean that Ubisoft has got a good amount of preorders? We do not know, but time will surely tell, as we’ll hopefully receive some real numbers in the period between February 7-10.

If you’re still eager to find what else The Division 2 will offer, make sure you check out our completely detailed intel so far. If you’re planning on pre-ordering The Division 2, let us remind you that the game is no longer available on Steam, because it is only found on the Epic Store and the official Ubisoft Launcher, Uplay.

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