The Division 2 to adopt the most intrusive but effective Easy Anti-cheat

Is this the time to say good-bye to all the hackers in The Division 2. Definitely seems so. Do you remember all of the cheaters in The Division, the predecessor that was set to break a lot of records, but failed because of no appropriate anti-cheat? Well, if the original title failed, we are more than certain it won’t go to the very same extent this time, and we’ll talk about it more.

Let’s have a look on the bright side and confirm that this statement may have been the best ever found during today’s PVP Game modes reveal.

For the first time, The Division 2 will receive a proper anti-cheat, created by the people who are always on the first line of the front when it comes to online gaming and fighting against cheaters. Glad to hear it, it was announced that Easy Anti-Cheat is joining The Division 2, which after BattleEye it’s the third (correct me if I am wrong) anti-cheat being adopted by Ubisoft for one of its games.

This surely adds up to the article on why you should consider pre-ordering The Division a safe move.

As we’re going deeper and deeper in its pre-release teasers and discoveries, we may witness the most amazing video game ever. It is not a coincidence if the game is bound to set a new record in concurrent players, and we’re here to escort each beauty of it.

Below you can find the portion of today’s presentation, discovering the act behind the addition of Easy Anti Cheat in The Division 2.

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We are ready to preview and review new surprises as they’re coming to our headquarters. We’re also looking forward to experiencing the first The Division 2 Private Beta, dropping the first eyesight on the epidemic environment potential of developing a jaw-dropping experience.

Easy Anti-Cheat is here to allow the developers in their actions against cheaters found in the game. Coming as the first line of defense in The Division 2, the anti-cheat is considered to be one of the most intrusive found on the market. Nevertheless, it ensures safe gaming, and as such, you as a player won’t need to fill a report against suspicious activity.

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