8-Bit Invaders is coming out tomorrow

SOEDESCO published the official launch trailer of 8-Bit Invaders. It is a word about fast-paced sci-fi RTS game that is coming out on February 26th. The game is set to create fun in the multiplayer universe, but also recall players to the 8-Bit texture, providing a nostalgic feeling.

As the press reads:

About 8-Bit Invaders!
The invasion has begun! 8-Bit Invaders! is a fast-paced, sci-fi RTS game. Control the military might of the Galactic Marine Corps or invade with the extraterrestrial Cranioids. You can even let your futuristic troops battle against the fiery dragons of 8-Bit Hordes or the crushing tanks of 8-Bit Armies in cross-title multiplayer. Whether you side with the aliens or robots, 8-Bit Invaders! is fun for beginners and hardcore gamers alike. Conquering the Multiverse was never so easy!

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