APEX Legends Exploit can discover player IP and lots of other stuff

Hackers have found another way to entertain themselves in Apex Legends. According to numerous media but also some of the hacking team, believe it or not, they achieved something incredible. Achieving the forbidden I’d say, which Respawn Entertainment had to keep a closure about.

First of all, this exploit has surfaced on Unknown Cheats, a hacker forum that is usually known for video game penetration. Noticed as a high caliber product being with a Triple-A flavor, a user by the name Unstuck managed to find out a breaking exploit in Apex Legends.

You can literally do whatever you want. Break through things, force yourself into another lobby, start chatting into an already established lobby. You could literally do so many things. According to Unstuck this is what you could do:

  • Chat in any lobby
  • Join any lobby
  • Kick any player in any lobby
  • Specific POST data will kill any lobby instance (need roomId)
  • Iterate over all data centers (checklist in the first post of this thread) and all their servers
  • Close all empty servers, will prevent any new lobby creation, dead game?
  • Change any player’s nickname in any lobby

It seems like the developers behind Respawn did not even bother in preventing various attacks and nothing goes under the radar. There are literally so many experienced hackers that will not only hurt but also strengthen your product. Because of them, Respawn Entertainment has to patch up many things in Apex Legends.

After a couple of days, the discovery appeared on the first page of Apex Legends’ subReddit. According to hackers, some of the flaws are still there, but some are being fixed. We’ll have to see what else is going to happen.

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