Apex Legends Weapon Damage Chart

Apex Legends is Respawn Entertainment’s latest success. The most recent addition to the Battle Royale genre has proven to be worthy, and therefore we’ve decided to dive deeper into its numbers. With that being said, we’ll begin with the Weapon Damage chart. This table holds info of all the weapons’ damage, and we’ll certainly continue to update it as changes occur.

Having the best or currently most overpowered weapon is quite a vital choice in any video game, not just Apex Legends. As other video games compose, chasing the current meta is always the most trending action performed by all of the professional players.

In Apex Legends players are limited to two weapons. Mostly, players are either running a combination of range + close suitable combat weapons, or they’re going for the full thirsting option. At this moment, that would be the Peacekeeper or EVA-8 Auto and the Wingman, which is the most powerful weapon at this current moment.

Apex Legends Weapon Damage Table

Below you can notice the full arsenal found in Apex Legends and the damage output values of each one of the weapons.

Weapons Ammo Body Headshot
Mastiff Special 144 288
Kraber Special 125 250
Eva-8 Auto Shotgun 64 90
Peacekeeper Shotgun 110 165
Mozambique Shotgun 45 66
Wingman Heavy 45 90
Longbow DMR Heavy 55 110
Hemlok Heavy 54 108
Flatline Heavy 16 32
M600 Spitfire Heavy 20 40
Prowler Heavy 70 84
Triple Take Energy 69 138
Havoc  Energy   18  36
Alternator Light 13 18
R-99 Light 12 18
G7 Scout Light 30 60
R-301 Carbine Light 14 28
RE-45 Auto Light 11 16

These values will change as we’re going deeper into Apex Legends existence. We’re more than sure there will be changes coming very soon. However, for now, you can lead up from this to fulfill your requirements.

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