Battlefield V is the worst selling game in the franchise

We can agree that the lack of Battlefield V sales belongs to the lack of Battle Royale, the game mode that was promised pre-release, but never delivered. Firestorm, the BR mode was supposed to land in BFV in January, but there’s still nothing new. Therefore, the sales according to EA did not meet their expectations, selling just 7.3 million copies.

We have our own opinions on why Battlefield 5 failed its sale expectations, but also the real reason why it failed. Being available on Xbox One, PC and PS4 surely disappoints when compared to sale numbers.

Being set in the WW2 era the game has an inaccurate history. Having female characters is wrong and doesn’t mirror the exact history of WW2.

But, EA DICE has opened the creative side and created whatever is created. Battlefield 5 plays out quite smoothly and looks amazing, despite the fact it has an inaccurate history. However, it still remains as one of the reasons.

Another good fact is that Firestorm, the Battle Royale mode is here to retain whatever’s been lost. However, that will strongly depend on the versatility of the same. If Firestorm fails to deliver without including an intriguing gameplay content EA may just farewell without a recovery.

Another reason why Battlefield V lost a considerable amount of sales is that of their EA premium access. If you remember closely, the game wasn’t promoted at all by any of the popular streamers but Shroud and the only reason for that was the EA premium access, which requires real money to subscribe to and get a week pre-release access to the game. Therefore, the game lost all its hype during that period, and the game did not even made to the top 5 on Twitch.

We do believe there’s a lot more such as bad advertising model. As we said, the only way to gain a boost of sales is the Firestorm battle royale, which is probably going to be interesting, considering its delay. Having this long of a time span to create a BFV Battle Royale mode is more than enough to make the perfect BR experience.

However, we’ll have to wait and see what’s going to happen.

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