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Battlefield V ToW Chapter 2 Lightning Strikes Update #3 is now available

EA DICE has managed to release the third Lightning Strikes Update on all paltforms. As we’re getting deeper into its release, Battlefield V is becoming a more complete game with each update. It feels like the very first release wasn’t competent and shouldn’ve have been entitled as a full release. Thankfully, all of that is gone.

This Tides of War Chapter 2 update combines series of features, including a four player co-op to Battlefield V. This will allow players to train their way and learn the game easier before they jump into the multiplayer. This is enabled thanks to Combined Arms, a permanent Battlefield V co-op experience in which you can invite friends to tackle some Artificial Intelligence.

The progress achieved within Combined Arms counts towards your Company. This will allow players to grow their Company without playing against other human players. Combined Arms has different mission types:

  • Assassinate – Select enemy soldiers are marked for death, and you gotta take them out. Remember that you’ll be standing on deadly ground, as enemy forces are alert that their fellow soldiers are under siege and will make your targets hard to kill.
  • Eliminate – Go commando and clear an area of foes. Whether your squad barrels in as an infantry eraser or moves like a predator behind cover, your gun barrel will glow with red heat when it’s all said and done.
  • Destroy – Similar to Battlefield V’s Frontlines mode, you are tasked with capturing a point from enemies and then destroying their artillery for a double impact.
  • Steal – Draw first blood in a war of intelligence as you loot the enemy of mission critical documents. Prepare an escape plan because things may get rocky if the enemy learns you’ve made off with their goods.

This update also rings the bell for the returning multiplayer mode: Rush. Yes, Rush is making a return and will be available on March 7.



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